Advantages of Saflips

Ordinary flips will corrode your coins. Common flips are made of vinyl (polyvinyl chloride), which will bleed chemicals including hydrochloric acid that will corrode your coins. That is the simple nature of vinyl, and occurs whether those flips are hard, or the more flexible ones which include plasticizers. Soft vinyl flips exude other damaging chemicals. Have you ever seen the green slime on coins stored in a vinyl flip? What makes it green is the metal dissolved from the coin. You can see the pitting that results under a magnifying glass. A slimed coin has permanently lost value.

The E & T Kointainer Co. has designed Saflips to avoid this problem. They are chemically inert and safe for long term storage of coins. Museums use them, including the Museum of the American Numismatic Association. They are manufactured under stringent conditions to keep them free from contamination by oil and dirt. They are factory packaged in sealed inert polyethylene plastic bags to prevent contamination by paper or cardboard dust which can cause "carbon spots" on coins.

Your coins are your treasures, and they deserve the finest protection.